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Professional Tooth Cleaning

An at-home oral hygiene routine is important and protects against plaque, but just for a time. Plaque builds up on the surface of the teeth and along and below the gum line, and eventually hardens into tartar (calculus). This tartar cannot be removed at home with brushing and interproximal cleaning.

Professional tooth cleaning removes the plaque and tartar from your teeth, helping reduce periodontal disease exposure and risk as well as making your teeth feel and look great again. Removal of this hard tartar is called scaling and is undertaken using specialised dental instruments. Polishing is completed to remove any remaining staining. A re-mineralising treatment will be applied during this process.

If there is a lot of tartar, its removal may be completed over several visits. Sometimes local anaesthetic is used for your comfort.

Periodontal disease can also adversely affect our general health, and has been linked with other medical conditions.

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